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Industry Labels, Custom Stationery, Safety Signages, ID Cards & Boards.

Name Tags suppliers in Navi Mumbai

We are manufacturer of metal and acyrilic magnetic name tags for hotels, offices & individuals. We can print or engrave logo as per your requirements.

One of our most famous client for Name Tags is Ramada Hotel, Navi Mumbai.

Etch Process in Stainless Steel Plates

Entirely Custom SS Name Plates Created using Etch Process

Etching is a process by which a chemical is used to remove (etch) targeted areas of a particular metal. These etched areas can then be filled with colorful enamels and baked for a lasting permanence.  Because this paint is below the surface of the etched metal nameplate, it is less susceptible to abrasion and dramatically increases visual contrast.

The most common materials used for etched metal nameplates are aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. Roemer’s etched nameplates can be found on many industrial, commercial, and consumer products including: Etched Metal Nameplate

  • Food Service Equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Military vehicles
  • Drilling/Mining Equipment
  • Specification plates
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