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Industry Labels, Custom Stationery, Safety Signages, ID Cards & Boards.

We Provide All Types of Writing, LED Boards & Notice Boards

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Writing Boards

ALLARK branded writing boards  ISO 9001-2015 Register with NSIC, Member IGBC , MSSIDC

Ceramic Writing Boards

White Ceramic Marker Boards are the highest quality whiteboards. Ceramic Writing Boards are made of imported ceramic on steel surface is a breakthrough in the marker board segment as it has many advantages compared ordinary Boards. Ceramic or porcelain enamel which is fused at high temperature on steel surface and therefore this material has an extremely hard surface & excellent abrasion resistance. This whiteboard, white ceramic marker board, white marker board and chalk writing whiteboard are guaranteed when used under normal temperature conditions.

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Non-Magnetic Writing Board

Non-Magnetic Writing Board is the perfect solution for people that are looking for an economical, long-lasting and maintenance-friendly dry-erase marker board for use at home, home office or tuition. These boards, in larger sizes, are perfect for use in schools, offices as well as public places. All melamine boards are non-magnetic (not magnet-friendly) in nature i.e. these boards cannot be used for sticking notes, charts, duster, marker or other accessories with the help of magnets or magnet-impregnated objects.

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Glass Writing Board

Glass Marker Writing Boards are gaining popularity over its conventional counterparts. Writing boards with glass are not only attractive to look at, but also score in terms of hassle-free maintenance. Glass boards are well-suited for use in offices and especially conference rooms. The use of two or more colored glass display boards makes the room look vivid and vibrant. Glass Board offered by us is a defect-less variety of glass boards (marker), which is available in various sizes and shapes. These glass boards are known for their glossy surface, robust construction and durability. Apart from this, the esteemed clients can avail these boards from us at the most competitive prices.

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LED Writing Boards

We Provide both Indoor and Outdoor LED Writing Boards

Indoor LED Boards

The LED writing boards are available in various sizes with remote option. It is the best indoor [or] semi -indoor advertisement product for the WALK- INS customers. It’s a notice board concept.

These boards having good eye catching effect and, it illuminates, communicate & attracts. The Walk in- customers. Here you can select 16 single colours back ground, and 7 colours flashing, and also 7 colours smoothly colour changing options, by the remote.

You can write by the marker Pen and wipe easily by soft wet cloth. It comes with the fluorescent marker pen.

It’s a trouble free advertisement product with 1 Year service warrant. The writing board package includes, [remote, adaptor, markers pens, soft cloth, ] customized sizes available.

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Notice Boards

Felt Board

ALLARK branded writing boards  ISO 9001-2015 Register with NSIC, Member IGBC , MSSIDC

Felt Notice Board well known as Soft Boards, Pin up boards or Bulletin boards are used in offices, institutes,public places, showrooms etc, where you can pin up notices with the help of Push Pins, Pamplets, Brochures, Images, Drawing etc.

Our Notice Boards are made up of imported Felt material which has a unique feature that the core regains its position when you pull out the pins, this makes our notice boards of longer life and the notices remain stick tight to the board.

Available in attractive colours & available in all sizes. So our notice board is a must for your office, institute or home for your regular notices and sticky note use.

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Fabric Cork Pin up Board

ALLARK branded writing boards  ISO 9001-2015 Register with NSIC, Member IGBC , MSSIDC

  • Well known as Soft Board/Pin-up Board/Bulletin Board used in Schools/Office/Public Places for display of articles and notice with the help of Push Pins, Drawing Pins etc…
  • Polyester Fabric cloth used for the surface of the Fabric Board.
  • Fabric available in different colours i.e. Grey/Navy Blue/Light Blue/Red/Green/Maroon/Orange/Yellow.
  • Following the instructions provided any person can manage this task easily and safely install the board on the wall using spares supplied inside each board
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Combination Boards

ALLARK branded writing boards  ISO 9001-2015 Register with NSIC, Member IGBC , MSSIDC

Combination Boards can be used for writing and half for pin up. Available in all size and can be customized also.


    • Dual purpose notice board
    • Half non-magnetic
    • Half magnetic
    • Directly installed
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Cover Notice Boards

ALLARK branded writing boards  ISO 9001-2015 Register with NSIC, Member IGBC , MSSIDC


  • Front door Covered with aluminium framed acrylic sheet which can be locked white a pair of keys provided with each board.
  • The Board is backed with a soft board.
  • Accepts Push pins, Drawing pins etc…
  • Felt available in different colours. Green/Light Blue/Beige/Red/Grey/Maroon.
  • Fabric available in different colours. Green/Light Blue/Navy Blue/Orange/Red/Grey/maroon/Yellow.
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Aluminium Section Board

– Size, design and Color as per client requirement
Light weighted these Society Members Name Plates are made under guidance of experts. Damage free material and highly efficient machines are used for the manufacturing of these name plates. These name plates are widely demanded by patrons in numerous options. Offered name plates are easy to place and weather proof in nature.

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